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Re-Using Candles

After fully enjoying the warmth and fragrance of your favorite candles, you might find a bit of wax left over at the bottom of the jar. Or maybe your candle tunneled a little bit and you're left with some wax on the sides of your jar as well.

So what can you do with that leftover wax? A lot, actually!


After you're finished burning your candle and you have less than 1/2 inch of wax left, don't throw it out. Instead, here are some of our favorite ideas to upcycle that old or unused candle wax.


Wax melts are scented pieces of wax that can be melted in a candle warmer or tart warmer to release fragrance. If you loved the fragrance of your candle, you can make the smell last even longer by turning the leftover wax into wax melts.

It's also the easiest way to reuse old candle wax if you own a warmer. All you have to do is gently heat the leftover wax until it melts. Once the melted wax collects at the bottom of the jar, allow it to cool down to room temperature, then place it in the freezer for a few hours. This causes the wax to shrink, which makes it easy to pop out of the jar as a single, large chunk.

Making wax melts is also a fun DIY project for creative types. Instead of letting the leftover wax solidify in the jar, you can pour it into small molds (like an ice cube tray) and add your own coloring, essential oils, or decorations.

Even if you don't own a warmer, these wax melts are perfect as decorative pieces or small gifts!

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