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Wholesale Candles

Wholesale Candles for Resale

Are you interested in wholesale candles for resale by Place of Aroma? 
You've come to the right place to buy wholesale scented candles from our woman and minority owned business.

Minimum $500

Why shop wholesale coconut soy candles from Place of Aroma ?


Your customers will love that our handmade candles burn clean, long, and strong. These soy candles are generously scented with body-safe oils that smell great without phthalates, paraffin, or any other yucky stuff.


Crafted with a cotton wick and infused with essential oils, each of our soy candles is poured with real people and their families in mind.


Everyone deserves high-quality candles to make their homes cozy and fresh spaces that they can live in, learn in, and love in (and perhaps even work-from-home in!).

Order Wholesale From Us Today

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Interested in White Label candles for your business?
We'd love to work with you! 

​We've made private label candles for a number of businesses from local recycling companies to national financial institutions. 

​Please reach out and let us know what kind of private label candles you're looking for. 

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