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Simplify gifting, enhance connections. 

At Place of Aroma, we offer a wide range of gifting solutions that are tailored to your exact needs. We specialize in creating unique experiences that are crafted with your own personalized scents and aromas. Our experienced team will work with you to curate the perfect gifts for your corporate audience, custom events, and personalized gifts. We strive to make sure your gifting experience is as stress-free as possible and ensure your recipients will be delighted with your thoughtful selection.

Fancy Box

Corporate gifting is a great way to show appreciation for employees, prospects, or clients. It creates a positive connection between the recipient and the company, and builds loyalty and goodwill. Gifting can be physical, such as a branded item or gift basket, or non-physical, such as an experience or gift certificate. Whatever you choose, adding thoughtful touches and customizing the gift to the recipient is a great way to make it memorable.

Wedding Reception Table

Personalized gifts are an excellent way to show someone that you care. Whether it's a custom curated aroma or you can add a special photo and message for an extra special touch. You can make sure your recipient knows that you put extra time and effort into their gifts. Aromas can bring back fond memories from a special place or time, and we have the ability to feature birthstones or hidden messages. Whatever the occasion, personalized gifts are sure to make your recipient feel special!

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Want to surprise your guest at your event ?

Choose from our selection of hidden message candles or let us work with you to create something custom just for you!


Messages we've done include:

Gender Reveal

Marriage Proposal

Veteran's Day

Bridal Parties

Wedding Favors

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