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Inspired by the fusion of fragrance and art, we present a collection of luxury home fragrances, aesthetic candles, and exclusive scent workshops, each uniquely representative of the Place of Aroma brand.

Inspired by the tragic consequences of preventable toxin exposure, Place of Aroma was founded by a Black woman who recognized the disparities in health and wellness. Committed to being a force for change, our brand merges the essence of exceptional custom aromas with the art of sensory marketing and personalized team-building activities. As a women-owned and Black-owned business, we are deeply committed to health, sustainability, and inclusivity, ensuring that every fragrance not only delights but also adheres to the highest standards of safety and environmental care.


Place of Aroma is a luxury aroma brand committed to crafting unique olfactory experiences. As a nexus where fragrance intersects with art, our in-house perfumers are celebrated for their classically luxurious yet contemporary styles. By encapsulating their artistic visions into distinctive scent narratives, we aim to captivate and enchant our audiences.

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Scent Alchemy


Our exclusive scent workshops offer a luxurious exploration into the art of fragrance creation, tailored to enrich any event. In these refined sessions, participants are guided through the sophisticated process of scent blending, enabling them to craft their own bespoke fragrances. This personalized experience adds a touch of elegance and a lasting aromatic impression that elevates the ambiance of any gathering.

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When it comes to setting the mood of your spaces, aesthetics and scent together create the ultimate holistic experience. Our luxury aromas are crafted with an emphasis on color harmony, offering a visually stunning aesthetic paired with heavenly scents. This perfect combination creates an inviting ambiance, making a Place of Aroma experience essential for anyone seeking to enhance their environment with elegance and sensory delight.


Established in Florida by Carol Edmond, a Pratt University-educated perfumer, Place of Aroma has been delivering luxury scented candles to prestigious locations, such as Fisher Island. Building on this legacy of private label candles, we are thrilled to unveil our luxury all-natural candle collection. This new line artfully fuses fragrance with visual art, creating candles that are ideal gifts for any special occasion. Each candle is designed to not only scent a space but also to serve as a stunning piece of decor.

Our Happy Clients

"Working with Place of Aroma has been fantastic. The owner Carol, curated a smell for me that represents my brand. My clients are so happy to have these candles and have been raving with them. The process to order the candle is easy and the turnaround time is fast but it does not affect the quality. Will continue working with this company." 


Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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